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What is Cover-19%


Brad Carney started this campaign because he saw what the COVID19 pandemic was doing to social services, affecting people out of work, struggling small businesses, restaurants, and artists having such a difficult time.  

He thought,  what if we could make a way to help each other out? What if we could shake up the giving model, and create a ‘win win’ for everybody.

Creator: Brad Carney holding artwork by Natalie Hope McDonald

The idea is to create reciprocal relationships with charitable organizations. This campaign asks artists, small businesses, & restaurants to donate 19% of sale opportunities to an organization of their choice.  We are asking those organizations to help build support for the participants through their social media, and emails to push new clients their way.


We began to build support for the small businesses, which in turn created more donations to the charitable organizations, all the while growing new connections in our communities.


This campaign is here to build awareness, to help spread the message of unity and support in this time of needed growth and social change.

COVID19 won’t be here forever, so while we can, let’s make new connections and help our communities rise together.

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